Dégivrage intelligent 
Affichage de température extérieur et intérieur 
Confort maximal avec réglage de vitesse et température
Protocole MODBUS et surveillance longue distance
Protection anti-gel 

Multiple temperature display     

Indoor set temperature, indoor ambient temperature and outdoor ambient temperature can be displayed. Meanwhile, the display of the three kinds of temperature can be switched freely through the remote controller or wired controller.    

I-FEEL function

The mini sensor in the remote controller can sense its surrounding temperature, and transmit the signal back to the indoor unit. So the unit can adjust the air flow volume and temperature accordingly so as to provide maximum comfort. 

MODBUS protocol & long-distance monitoring

The unit is with build-in MODBUS interface. If the unit is to be connected with the building management system, please consult Gree for the development of MODBUS protocol. In this case, the unit operation information will be sent to the building management system in order to control and monitor the units.    

Smart zone controller      
The indoor unit is equipped with the interface that can be connected with Gree smart zone controller, in order to realize the central control of 16 units in maximum. It can control the on/off mode, fan speed , temperature setting and timer of a single unit or a group of units.      
Power-off memory function      
If the power-off memory function is on, the unit can automatically operate in previous setting mode when power recovers after power failure.
Low-temperature cooling function (optional)      

Although outdoor temperature is quite low in winter, some places with heat source(e.g. barbecue restaurant)still need cooling. Our unit is capable of cooling operation in outdoor ambient temperature of -7℃.      

Anti-freezing protection

If frost of outdoor condenser is detected by the unit, the compressor will stop for protection.      

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